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"Why do I need an event management company?"

Planning an event can be an incredibly stressful time,particularly for large events or ones whose success or failure will have dramatic consequences. There are many factors to consider, many of which are not immediately apparent to the first-time planner. In these cases, as with most events in fact, it is recommended to use the services of a specialist events management company.

For creating an event, there are five main factors to consider. These can be posed as questions:

  • Why is the event being held
  • What is its purpose
  • What is its goal and desired outcome
  • Who is the intended audience
  • Where will the event take place

Answering these can help to create the perfect event, but it is a feat of organisational triumph which makes it the best success.

Why is the event being held and what is its purpose?

Answering the questions of why the event to be held and what is its purpose generally provides overlapping information. An opening event,for example, would provide advertising and marketing opportunities to introduce the brand to new customers and celebrate the opening of the store or business.

What is the events goal and desired outcome?

Underlining this, though, there needs to be a specific reason motivating the event. This could be to lead to recruitment by generating awareness of the opportunities in the business, to create an environment to meet potential clients or business partners, or many other reasons besides. With these objectives in mind, the rest of the event can be planned to suit this original principle goal.

Who is the intended audience?

Next, the audience must be selected. With the aim in mind for the night, it should be relatively easy to choose the target audience. This could be businesses, clients, the general public or any other relevant parties– including staff or shareholders, if appropriate. If there is a guest list for the night, this needs to be compiled centrally and made available to all of the organisers. As part of this guest list planning, it is also important to decide whether the event requires speakers or a guest of honour. To hire a speaker might be a crucial part of meeting the aims and objectives of the night, or might not be a priority for a social mixer. Speakers might need overnight accommodation or other provisions.

Where will the event take place?

Finally, with all of these aspects in place it is important to choose a venue which meets all of the needs of the event. Generally, venues need to be booked several months in advance. Events management companies tend to have good connections with local venues and might be able to arrange both a better deal in financial terms and also for the quality of the event.

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