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Managing your event – getting started

You’ve decided that hosting an event is the right way to engage with your audience.

Whether it is for business, social, entertainment or recognition your event is going to communicate important messages about you, your business, your brand and your reputation.

Before doing anything else there will be a strong temptation to get a date and a venue fixed.

STOP! Please don’t do this. It can lead to very costly mistakes later; both in terms of time and money.

Why? Because you need to think very carefully about the many factors that can influence the success of the event, for example, numbers, accessibility of location, security, AV facilities, experience of venue staff and even weather,what happens if it rains, snows, or even a bright hot sunny day, will this affect the running of the event?

And of course cost. The venue and catering costs will be a significant proportion of the event budget so you’ll want to be absolutely sure that they fully understand your requirements, that you are able to negotiate the very best deal and that you are completely satisfied that the space allocated to your event will work effectively on the event day.

Knowing the questions to ask is a key part of the process of selecting the right venue for your event.

With a clear statement of the purpose of your event, what you want it to look and feel like, planned attendee numbers, dates, times and an indicative budget you are now equipped to look at selecting the right venue for your event.

Have a read of our ‘venue selection’ blog or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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