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Jess made the leap into the world of events over 12 years ago, joining a small team at Spartan Race UK and Canada. She started as a volunteer on race days but it wasn’t long until she was given more responsibilities as the Customer Service Manager.

With a passion for the operational side of things, she helped found and organise the Zombie Evacuation races where runners would be chased along an obstacle course whilst zombies tried to attack them. Wild right?!

After catching the events bug, Jess then joined the Blackberry Events team in 2014 as a Conference and Events Co-Ordinator. Yet again, she worked her way up through the company to her current position as Head of Events.

Jess works across all of our events and focuses on their project management, event delivery and logistics. Jess’ passion for a to do list and attention to detail are two things that make a her a great Event Manager. Being Blackberry Events’ first employee, as the business has grown so has Jess’ personal and professional development. Blackberry is nothing without Jess and as Jess often says, Jess is nothing without Blackberry (Isn't she cute?!).

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Below is a snapshot of Jess ‘in her own words’

Why events

The world of events allows me to go mad with my love of spreadsheets, lists and serial planning attitude. Is a holiday really a holiday without a set itinerary and personalised individual documents for each person?! The events industry allows me to focus on the small details and that’s a world I want to live in.

Best moment

For me it’s that moment on site when everything is set up,the event is running smoothly and you can make that big exhale, knowing you’ve done your job well and you just need to wait until it’s time to pack up.

Personal passions

I love reading. I am never without a book in some shape or form. When I do pull my head out of my book, I might talk to my husband, play with our dogs, acknowledge the cats (they allow nothing more), go to the theatre or play games with friends.

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