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E&S Inspection

Last week we received notice of our annual E & S inspection accompanied by the usual detailed list of requirements and expectations.

It’s not that we mind the inspection and in fact we positively welcome it as a handy checklist for all the things we need to remember to do at this very busy time of year.

Here’s just a few things from the Elf and Safety checklist:

  • Can we provide clear evidence of our Christmas tree’s sustainability credentials?
  • Were the tree lights LED and appropriately PAT accredited (Pretty And Twinkly)?
  • Are the baubles reused from previous years?
  • Were client gifts locally sourced?
  • In the absence of a chimney how would the office be made accessible on Xmas eve?
  • Would fresh water / milk be provided with organic carrots preferred?
  • How many hours each day is the radio playing Christmas songs?
  • Can everyone in the office recite all the words to All I Want for Christmas and Driving Home for Christmas?  
  • How many times has it been said that this is the last year we do Secret Santa?
  • Could we guarantee Christmas cracker quality jokes over the festive period (without a doubt yes – Steve works here)
  • And finally, were we closing for the whole of the holiday period to give all of the team a well-earned rest?

Absolutely we are, we wish you all a very happy Christmas and see you in 2024!

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Blackberry Events - Meet The Team
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