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We love doing what we do or, more precisely, we love seeing the effect it has on others.

Our long held belief is that to justify the financial and time investment, any live event must have the effect of positively changing the attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of those attending the event. Let’s be honest most people would not spend five figure sums on a wedding if they didn’t think their immediate family reputation was going to be enhanced in the eyes of the wider family and friends. Or is that just being cynical?

For the last ten years we have planned and managed an annual leadership conference for senior leaders on education. A couple of comments offered by delegates at this year’s conference perfectly illustrate how powerful the conference experience can be and how rewarding it is to work in the face to face communication sector.

“I don’t have words for how valuable and inspiring this conference is. I can do my job because of it! It is unique in its approach”

“Listening to inspiring people with amazing stories to tell and being reminded of the difference we can make in people’s lives”

But we appreciate that for many people being invited, or worse told, to attend a conference or business event can be viewed as a date with boredom. Listening to dry, uninspiring keynotes, seminars and workshops presented by people without dated views and less knowledge than you and forced to network with people.

We know from getting about on the networking event circuit that telling people we are conference organisers returns a rather blank stare as most people have either had no experience of attending a conference or have had a bad experience.

So when asked the question what do you do, we reply that we help our clients to create events that inspire people and positively enhance their reputation.

You see when a conference, meeting or event is created it can an incredibly powerful business tool.

We believe it is essential that event management agencies use a structured process for defining the aims and purpose of the event, the event strategy, through the development of compelling content delivered by excellent communicators and produced with consummate attention to detail the live event has the potential deliver significant benefits for the host. Examples include:

  • excite, motivate and inspire people to new levels of understanding and behaviours
  • engage and involve its participants in sharing and even creating a direction for a whole industry, organisation or department
  • bring disparate groups of people together to focus and agree on one or a few important issues
  • actively involve people in the future direction of a business or organisation

So look at the list above. Which other tool is available to business professionals that can do so many things so well?

At the centre of a successful conference or event is ‘learning’. Sharing and creating new knowledge that enables people to create new levels of understanding and awareness. That in turn enables them to move to greater levels of personal and business performance and personal satisfaction and reward.

It is not too much of a leap to see conference organisers as part of the“education sector”. We organise conferences to help people learn, develop and improve.

Conferences can add a huge value to individuals and to their organisations. They help and support people to do a better job. They help people learn and understand.

But the real impact and benefits of investing in a conference can only be delivered if the conference is designed and not just produced, and the design is of an experience not just an event. This is where great event management agencies differentiate themselves from the others.

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