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5 Things to consider for hybrid events

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5 things to consider when planning hybrid events

In January our team were up in Manchester supporting the delivery of a 2 day hybrid international meeting involving delegates from over 40 countries the majority of which were participating online.  

Deemed a huge success by our client our takeaway for the success was based on 5 key points:

Engagement – ensure all participants, regardless of whether they are joining online or in-person, are able to communicate, participate and be visible to each other.

Stick To Schedule – ensure in person breaks are kept to time to respect the online audience.

Event Facilitator - ensure the event host/facilitator is well trained and skilled at moderating the hybrid experience.

Confident AV team –ensure your technical production team is experienced in hybrid events, allowing your client to focus on their key messages.

Testing – test your internet, test your speakers connections, test your live Q+A channels.

Blackberry Events - Meet The Team
Blackberry Events - Meet The Team
Blackberry Events - Meet The Team


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