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Passionate about creating unforgettable experiential events, we partner with our clients to fully understand their purpose, we have a passion for the design and development of creative concepts and innovative solutions and our team are dedicated to creating an unforgettable event that reach, engage and inform your target audience.

Whether its taking your brand and message to 50 different locations across the country, attending an large trade expo alongside hundreds of other companies, or turning your town centre into a Jurassic park for your local community, most experiential events will likely have a similar purpose; to engage with existing and potential customers, introducing them to something new.

When deciding how to engage your target audience, considerations must be made to ensure the chosen activities will maximise the involvement of your target audience while ensuring people recognise the brand they are interacting with, want to learn more following the event and use the product or service going forward.  

Our experienced team can offer full service event management and manage the event in its entirety, or act as an extension of the client team and support with the development of creative concepts and innovative solutions, sourcing engaging activities and key suppliers and much more…

We love the creative challenge that every experiential event brings.

We love bringing your event to life.

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"Blackberry rose to the challenge and immediately started to plan a campaign of exciting and innovative community events which they delivered over the following months. Blackberry were an exceptional team to work with delivering quality community engagement and fun activities from jazz festivals to dinosaur days. Blackberry’s professionalism, support and dedication were vital to the success of the project."

Jane Berry
Project Delivery Manager, North Worcestershire Economic Development andRegeneration
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